Becoming a Missional Family
Becoming a Missional Family
Becoming a Missional Family
Becoming a Missional Family

“Seldom do we encounter a well-crafted book on the family that has a powerful thrust, the “missional” family. My friend and younger colleague, PC Mathew, has given us just that in his pastoral and outward-oriented book on the Christian family. Emerging after two decades of ministry in India, and rooted in a unique ministry to Indian families, we now have a pastoral, missional, church-oriented transformational resource that will help Indian families (and those in the Indian Diaspora and beyond) consider the unique nature of the truly Christian family in a culture and other religious systems dedicated to destroying both the Church of Christ and the families that are truly Christian. If the content of this work is taken seriously, then there is a real opportunity for the book’s title to come true.”

William D. Taylor, Ph.D., Senior Mentor,
Mission Commission, World Evangelical Alliance

There are many books written on the family. The difference between one of the many and one of its kind is the ability to integrate insights from personal experience and reflections and translate it into a useful, practical, sensitive, biblically sound, honest and easily readable resource. PC Matthew’s book is a timely contribution for families desiring to be godly and Missional. Ciby and PC’s rich experience will bless many families to be blessing.’

Rev. CB Samuel, Chairman, Interserve, India

“Compelling. Biblical. Personal. Practical. Dr. Mathew has given the global church a special gift with The Missional Family. Packed with Scripture, you will be inspired to love and lead your family with renewed purpose and Kingdom vision. With this biblical foundation, every parent, grandparent, and church leader can become better equipped to reach the world for Christ – one home at a time.”

Dr. Rob Rienow – Visionary Family Ministries,

Family is the first and fundamental cradle of universal and enduring values, sophisticated cultures, mutually respectful and affirming relationships, and authentic spirituality. Any sincere attempt to transform a society for the better cannot succeed if family, the primary social unit, is ignored or bypassed. Transformation begins at home! The author brings out this truth so beautifully, convincingly and lucidly through the pages of Becoming a Missional family.

Bishop Dr. C. V. Mathew, Presiding Bishop,
St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India

Here is a must read for all who are keen to strengthen families and marriages. Families are under fire all over; however God finds the foundational building of marriage as ‘very good’. This book articulates unequivocally that marriage and family is a divine institution with contextual challenges. The insights gained from research and robust involvement in family concerns locally and abroad adds value to the book. The author and his wife are committed to an influential holistic ministry, they strongly partner in an ongoing reflection, critical and vital. Here is an attempt to foster commitment for strong biblical foundations amidst serious challenges and conflicts of changing values and attitudes.

Rev. Dr. Jacob Thomas,
Former Professor at Union Biblical Seminary, Pune. Currently lectures in Missions and Ethics at Belfast Bible College, N. Ireland

“The fundamental nature of God in the Bible is that ‘He is the same and unchanging in a changing time and age.’ Therefore, family life and its values which God instituted are also unchanging. P C Mathew’s insight of becoming a Missional family will help the reader to bring back the passion and the possibilities for enriching Christian family life, which will build the church and the nation as well.”

Rev. P. John Wesley, General Secretary,
Indian Evangelical Mission

Over the last few decades, family agenda was more influenced by social sciences, though some of it was very helpful. However, this book reclaims the primacy of divine purposes concerning families, by locating family within the missional framework and the missional God of the Bible.

Sam George, PhD, Founder Director,
Parivar International, USA

To have mentors and teachers who have helped my family to keep the mentality of a team (though my Children are grown up now) and to understand that as a family we have a calling to fulfill Christ’s Mission together has truly been life changing. I am so glad that Dr. P. C. Mathew has developed this great resource to help families discover this huge blessing, so that together they can be missional families that are a great blessing to others. Truly transforming cities one home at a time!

Dr. Wilf Gasser, Associate Secretary General,
World Evangelical Alliance

We highly commend this ground breaking book on Missional Families. Having related with PC and Ciby Mathew closely over many years and watched as they have built a nation-wide ministry to families, their own family is their greatest testimony. They write with authenticity and genuine passion. Both these characteristics radiate from their book and bring us back to the amazing creational purpose of God’s first family.

Rod and Ruthie Gilbert, Marriage Masala

“Every Christian family is called to shine the Light of Christ in this world through their home. Dr. P.C. Mathew highlights in practical, biblical and simple ways how Christian families can display the light of Christ within their own homes and outside. Truly a must read for all families who follow Jesus Christ and are desirous to fulfill His mission in this World.”

Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos , Bishop,
Mar Thoma Church, Delhi Diocese

“Here is a book that will help you capture God’s grand vision for the family. As Dr. P. C. Matthews so powerfully demonstrates, from the overflow of family love and loyalty, Christ wants to use families in fulfilling his Great Commission and making His redemptive plan known to the ends of the earth. Read it and be inspired to grasp God’s vision and instructed on how your family can put it into practice.”

Dr. Stephen Seamands,
Professor of Christian Doctrine,
Asbury Theological Seminary.

Dr. P.C. Mathew has encouraged us to join him in cultivating a Missional Family Environment. We are reminded that our families are God’s plan so that His love can be demonstrated to all people on this earth. We are commissioned to impact society by his Grace. We must step out of our comfort zone and be a blessing to families.

Dr. Subesh Ramjattan , Bridge of Hope,
Trinidad and Tobago

“Sharing the fruit of years of outstanding service, this excellent resource will encourage families towards God’s grander purposes.”

Rev. Dr. Jacob Cherian, Academic Dean,
Southern Asia Bible college, Bangalore

Through stories from his own life, including his personal encounter with missional families, Dr. Mathew is creating a phenomenon, offering concrete ways to find meaning and spiritual fulfillment in every believer’s family life.

Tommy Liang,
Psychologist and honorary director,
UIM Family Research and Training Institute

P. C. Mathews’ vision for missional families can strengthen your family. Read this book and become a missional family.

Virginia T. Holeman, PhD., LMFT, LPCC, Chair,
Department of Counseling and Pastoral Care,
Asbury Theological Seminary



Becoming a Missional Family
Becoming a Missional Family
Becoming a Missional Family Becoming a Missional Family Becoming a Missional Family Becoming a Missional Family
Becoming a Missional Family
Becoming a Missional Family
Becoming a Missional Family
Becoming a Missional Family
Becoming a Missional Family